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Take it away NYC.

There is now a Das Bunker in NYC>!?!.. Well good for them making a chain out of it. Still remember going there for the first time like 8 years ago in good ol LBC. In fact I remember hanging outside the club a few times cause I wasn't even 21 yet, and at one point for 2 years straight I drove out there for every das bunker, that's nearly a 5hr drive each way! Met the coolest friends there, it was seriously our distant place from all other LA clubs. Saw so many bands there, heard several good ol DJs. It's a memoric place.

Couldnt find any memories of Das Bunker sadly on LJ... but here's another crazy night at Produqt.
So finally off to PRoduqt!. WE ran kind of late, but still go there. The place was dead for a while, unusual. But all my kickass friends weere there, so that makes it all good. So I met up with my friend from Philly (KT) that was visiting, she was cute and fun to hang out with, eventhough she left early. Wished she could of stayed. Met her friend Lindsey that came with her. YAY for Jessica that she made it, we did some crazy stomping on the danse floor along with Eric and some others. I think I met so many more friends. MOre the merrier. Dez was there!!!. She's so rad. In the back it was all fun as we just goofed around. I actually wore the Britney shirt there for a while, It was so cute but ha, everyone was like HAHA. But in a good way I guess. And I wore this aawesome blueish jump suit. Hehe.. I tried to get Mary on top of these two guys to do a triple piggy back ride ha.. And then she fell and I did and landed on my knee which I think I bruised badly. Hurted like hell, couldn't walk on it much. Feels fine now though. Trying to think of any other fun stuff, I am sure there were lots more, jsut had a killer time as always!!.. Took the girls home and then finally crashed here at Erics after being awake for 2 days or more....

Coming to PA!

I really miss working in Tempe, but at least I get work out there for a couple days a week for now. But working last night reminded me how the hottest college girls shop at Fry's. It's probably my only chance of meet one cause I don't get days off to go out. However I will end up at Trans on Friday for once...

...and a trip to Philly to visit friends out there is coming in Oktober or November. So lemme know who all wants to hang out so I can plan some routine.

Man I must of been SO DRUNK.

Memories from July 10th 2002. Some party at my old townhouse...

ackl.. i fell sleepl like almst 4am somehing.. actually.. on thins computer. my borther was like wake up.. go to begd lol.. he made me getoff. i fell aslseep on staits for maoment til the poor bastard took me to mah tooom to sleep. thren had get up at 730 to take OB to his werk.. now awke and just out og it!!. dribving was so fgun.

okay.. lets see if i can type.. last nite.. as you knowwit. i had a killing blast. AMy Jill and Matt came over fisrt.. just right after I get out of showr. god timeing. then the ashlie chris steve krew were here.. morgan.. jill and britttany.. and then AMy.. am I fergetting somenone? i know there were more.. watfh killer klowsn again... went swimming.. me ash and stever were in there the longest. i remeber slippin and fallin on my head. and jump in pool. poor mogan jimped in with wallet and cell phone.. we looked at pixuters including the HOTTEST DAMN PIXT0R OF MY MOM!. HSAHANEHGAH!!. Me and Ash made brownies and got caca stuff all over each other. the mix yanno? added lots of armertto aned pina coloda alocohol in it.. damn ever so tasty!. i think played some twisted metal black with steve. !!!!!!!. last i remember we watched my apoptygma berzerk dvd. it is actually a great dvd. i likes. they are so funny. i lwas laughing hardddd!!!!. took silly pix0rs gain.. cannot wait to seee..then everyne gone again : (

I like em tight.

Does anyone know where or who can convert some of my old XL or L shirts into small ones?!

Those LA days.

August 18th 2002. I love reading memories... What a week this was, driving to CA back to AZ back to CA back to AZ!. A whole lotta driving, drinking, clubbing, shows, people's houses, food and little sleep.

Saturady - Mary's. Drink. Produqt. Blackout me.

Sunday - Mary's. Fuddruckers. Disneyland. Kink. Half Drunk.

Monday - Eric's. Hangout. Melrose. Hypnoskull. DEZ!. Drunk.

Tuesday - Drive home. Computer. Eric rested. The Jar (club). Little drink.

Wednesday - Little sleep. Friends over. Drink. Hypnoskull. a blast!. Drunk. Food. Home.

Thursday - Leave back to CA. Sarah's. Eric's. Nap. Perversion. Dansed. Drunk off ass. Del Taco. Sleep.

Friday - Awake. Computer. Hangout. The Vault. Drink. Dansed. Fun. Met hot cop girl. Denny's. Home sweet Home.

...might just post a memory weekly now.!
Today another day in the cooler air sun and perhaps finish watching the extended version that I didnt even know I had of The Chronicles of Riddick.
It seems that everyone or alot of people have been hacked recently, including me.. This true!?

Trivium been a new favourite band of mine, who can rock like old Metallica and Iron Maiden together?!

pitch black!

So last nights storm was amazing, and the fact I hate rain has become a fun thing again cause it only happens a few times a year rather than like 70% of the year in PA/NJ. So I work in Fountains Hills and I got to see the view of the WHOLE city and it was pitched black. All the lights were out everywhere except for Fountain Hills and probably way out in Desert Foothills, it was so awesome with pouring rain, thunder and ever so close lightning. And it rained so much that we now have a 3ft lake in the back of the store.

So the Sounds of the Underground show is today and I have to go all the way back to Fountain Hills just for a meet at noon and then come all the way back to Mesa where I just live 3 blocks from Mesa Ampitheatre.. Sucks. Don't know if I can manage to stay awake the whole day, but I'll try!.

work vegas killer.

I know people don't wanna hear dumb crap... but damn all I ever do lately is work nonstop cause my manager is on vacation for 3 weeks I get stuck working 7 days with a couple of them just for a few hours, more money vegas.

speaking of vegas, i went like 2 weekends ago, killer time, probably the best ever since i went friends that are single and like to get wasted, and like to trash things, and like to pick up girls ha, and other random funess like buying an $18 drink, betting $100 on blackjack hands.

...and 3rd note again, we have a serial killa in the neighborhood. I hear he is a sniper I think!?
I thought I say hi again. AMAZING, i posted back to back days for the first time in years.

Stella Artois, pizza and Terminator 3 time.

I thought I mention I went to an industrial/ebm/noize and other slash stuff club last weekend. I danced like old school in my tight blue jeans and black shirt and etnies and since I left my knee high $200 boots back in PA. I hope everything I left is still there, I plan on comming to get it..

...and a 3rd note, it was 100 degrees at 7am.

Jul. 21st, 2006

I was reading a ton of old live journal entries for the heck of it, damn I was funny. I guess livejournal is good afterall for good ol memories, just get on the computer and there they are.