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The first 3 days.

First 3 days also on myspace page.

So far the first three days of my vacation have beeeen nothing but pure fun. Thanks to my friend Frank to getting me at the airport. Cruised around my old neighborhood, got good Tony Lucs, yummy cheesesteaks! Came to his place and then taking a nap before heading down to Shampoo for the first time in nearly 2 years. This place still has the great vibe, and I gots to see tons of old friends, I would name you all but there were so many, and thanks for the drinks too!. I just chilled, danced a little and had a blast, then heading up to my old work to see who was still there, and pretty much everyone was, so I chatted with them all for about an hour before finally getting to sleep after being awake for 32 hours not counting just the 45 minute nap, and then I must of had something to drink that I woke up just 4 hours later feeling so freshed and pure.

... so that takes me to day 2 where I headed up to Scranton (tad bit smaller than Tucson for comparsion for AZ peeps) for the Warped Tour cause I'll be gone when the one in Philly comes. Keep in mind this is in the middle of PA hours from NYC/Philly and any other major city and this place was so crowded I was so AMAZED. Way more people than Phoenix, and just packed everywhere which the way I like it anyways. The crowd though was not as crazy though, at least for the bands I saw, with the exception of the last band of the night which I'll get to. First off with a long walk to the Toyota Pavillion which is like in the middle of a forest, it was such a great scenery all around. We get in and Killswitch Engage was playing as I walked over to the band schedule board and noticing blessthefall was already playing at 12:45 which was already 12:40. I had no idea where the other stages were and I never seen such distance to the other stages, so I went one way to a stage which was the wrong one and ended up backtracking, and then a ran to another direction that kept going and going and finally finding it. Blessthefall was amazing, but the crowd was very lame. After that I went all the way back to the schedule board to write down all the bands I wanted to see. I saw a lot of different bands this time than the one in Phoenix, so after blessthefall I saw Alesana, Escape the Fate, New Found Glory, Chiodos, Paramore, Throwdown, Hawthorne Heights, Bad Religion, Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, It Dies Today, and the best show, crowd, and fun was for last, UNDEROATH!!!!!!.. I was so glad to see them since they did not play in Phoenix. I guess since the crowd was lame all day, they saved all their energy for this, and the sound was amazing, the pit was really hardcore as well the only time I rocked in it. Blew me away just as much as blessthefall did in Phoenix as they were pretty much the last band of night. WOW. Why are girls so much easier to talk to here?!.. At one point the a group of girls just came up to me and ask the start tossing them up to crowd surf. During Coohed and Cambria which was SO boring, and from that point on it was a major throw everything in the air at people fest, bottles, cds, trash, condoms, everything, then it got so crazy they were throwing boxes, trash bags and other odd stuff. It was fun to watch.

So day three after finally getting a good 7 hours of sleep, we drove off to Dorney Park as I never got a chance to go there when I lived here. Most of the time was spent in the waterpark and as a continuous of sunburn from the day before. About 7pm we were gonna go on more coasters, but a storm was brewing this way and they shut all the rides down, so we left, got Baja Fresh and thats the day.


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Jul. 29th, 2007 12:46 am (UTC)
when you lived in Philly I lived 10 minutes from Dorney. then you moved to AZ and I moved to Philly LOL. gald ya had fun, their water park is pretty kick ass.
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