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panzermaschine's Journal

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Music rocks. I have 1000's of cds. I love going to shows! 2005 marks my 10th aniversay of the Warped Tour! wooohoo, and is still my favourite thing to go to. I go to clubs and danse too cause I am trendy. I like highschool girls, but any hot girl that is young will do. I love to drive and travel through towns to towns along the backroads. I like the beach, the waterparks, the lakes, the outside life which I do not get to do much. I love Las Vegas and which I had some buddies that do not mind losing bundles of moneies to party with.
...yes I like some of these trendy bands listed below.
amsterdam, arby's, arizona, as i lay dying, ashlee simpson, atreyu, authority zero, avenged sevenfold, baja fresh, beach, beacher's madhouse, beastie boys, beer, beer commercials, bleed the dream, bleeding through, blink 182, blutengel, bon jovi, borgata, bowling, britney spears, bury your dead, cheesecake factory, comeback kid, corona, cyborg attack, dc shoes, deftones, dirt bikes, driving on autobahn, dulce liquido, emery, etnies, every time i die, fall out boy, feindflug, florida, ford ranger, fox racing, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, funker vogt, germany, girls, god module, greeley estates, green lawn scenery, grendel, guns n' roses, halifax, hard rock cafe, hardcore, haste the day, hatebreed, hawthorne heights, hilary duff, hocico, holland, hollywood, honda racing, hypnoskull, i am ghost, in n out burger, iron maiden, it dies today, jet ski, k.i.f.o.t.h, kelly clarkson, klangstabil, l'ame immortelle, laguna beach, las vegas, lizzie mcguire, mandy moore, maschinenfest, matchbook romance, mexico beaches, mono no aware, mortal constraint, motley crue, my chemical romance, myspace, new orleans, newport beach, norma jean, oceans, oceans 11/12, party at the palms, party in vegas, passingoutatotherpeopleshouses, pink lemonade, playing with fireworks, poison the well, popular chain restraunts, predator, psyclon 9, punto omega, red bull, rise against, roses are red, s.i.n.a, san diego, sand dunes, scary kids scaring kids, screamo, senses fail, sick of it all, siechtum, silverstein, six flags, skateboards, still remains, story of the year, suicide commando, surf, sylver, tanning, tatse of chaos, terminal choice, terminator, the bled, the incredibles, the zinade headbutt, thrice, throwdown, thursday, top gun, trivium, trucks, tsunami bomb, underage girls, underoath, unearth, video games, vnv nation, waffle house, walks in the forrest, walks on the beach, warped tour, waterhose fights, waterparks, wrestling girls when drunk

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