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a weekend to never go away.

I had so much fun I have to write about it cause most of it was not suppose to happend and in the end, I am so glad it did. So first off it was Vanessa's bday party on Friday. I ran a little late, wanted to make it there for the surprise, but my damn brakes died!!!! I couldn't stop at all. Luckily enough it was just in a neighborhood where I was looking for the party cause I could of sworn my brother said it was 32nd and Thunderbird, and not 7th and Thunderbird. Anyway, left my truck there and my brother was nice enough to come get me and take me to the party, arrived and all my cool buds were there and some new faces. I was only gonna have a drink or 2 cause I was going to figure a way to get to work by 2am. My brother was gonna take me back to Matt's back in Scottsdale and I was gonna go to work in a cab or something, but I decided to stay at the party cause I NEVER STOP! So with most people leaving, I chilled, and drank and party til I fell asleep. Had too much fun being silly, chatting around. I met Vanessa's sister Kristi (I hoped I spelled that right) and she was fucking awesome. Not sure what all I ended up doing, but the next morning I woke up feeling pretty decent. So with Chris going to work, I ended up chilling with the three awesome girls Vanessa, Kristi, and Mellisa. We went to this mexican restraunt around 11ish and ended up drinking and drinking, got some yummy food, the girls picked on the bus boy Kyle, poor guy haha. So we were there for a while, before ending up at Melissa's place only to drink more and more, went for a swim, and just talking. Somehow ended up back at Vanessa's place, and drank all night and morning again and had a blast. So the next day Sunday, finally got dropped off at my truck so I can get it towed and get my brakes fixed. But an extremely thank you to Vanessa's dad, he helped me change out my brakes and saved my probably $200, I went to checker auto to buy the parts, and learned how to do so in the process, and on top of that her mom cooked a great breakfast, something I have not had in ages!!!! THANKS AGAIN! So finally on my way home, I completely forgot I was going the Dbacks game. So I get home in time for me and brother to get to the game despite being very tired and just wanted to sleep. ... so that's my weekend : )


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