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a weekend to never go away.

I had so much fun I have to write about it cause most of it was not suppose to happend and in the end, I am so glad it did. So first off it was Vanessa's bday party on Friday. I ran a little late, wanted to make it there for the surprise, but my damn brakes died!!!! I couldn't stop at all. Luckily enough it was just in a neighborhood where I was looking for the party cause I could of sworn my brother said it was 32nd and Thunderbird, and not 7th and Thunderbird. Anyway, left my truck there and my brother was nice enough to come get me and take me to the party, arrived and all my cool buds were there and some new faces. I was only gonna have a drink or 2 cause I was going to figure a way to get to work by 2am. My brother was gonna take me back to Matt's back in Scottsdale and I was gonna go to work in a cab or something, but I decided to stay at the party cause I NEVER STOP! So with most people leaving, I chilled, and drank and party til I fell asleep. Had too much fun being silly, chatting around. I met Vanessa's sister Kristi (I hoped I spelled that right) and she was fucking awesome. Not sure what all I ended up doing, but the next morning I woke up feeling pretty decent. So with Chris going to work, I ended up chilling with the three awesome girls Vanessa, Kristi, and Mellisa. We went to this mexican restraunt around 11ish and ended up drinking and drinking, got some yummy food, the girls picked on the bus boy Kyle, poor guy haha. So we were there for a while, before ending up at Melissa's place only to drink more and more, went for a swim, and just talking. Somehow ended up back at Vanessa's place, and drank all night and morning again and had a blast. So the next day Sunday, finally got dropped off at my truck so I can get it towed and get my brakes fixed. But an extremely thank you to Vanessa's dad, he helped me change out my brakes and saved my probably $200, I went to checker auto to buy the parts, and learned how to do so in the process, and on top of that her mom cooked a great breakfast, something I have not had in ages!!!! THANKS AGAIN! So finally on my way home, I completely forgot I was going the Dbacks game. So I get home in time for me and brother to get to the game despite being very tired and just wanted to sleep. ... so that's my weekend : )

The first 3 days.

First 3 days also on myspace page.

So far the first three days of my vacation have beeeen nothing but pure fun. Thanks to my friend Frank to getting me at the airport. Cruised around my old neighborhood, got good Tony Lucs, yummy cheesesteaks! Came to his place and then taking a nap before heading down to Shampoo for the first time in nearly 2 years. This place still has the great vibe, and I gots to see tons of old friends, I would name you all but there were so many, and thanks for the drinks too!. I just chilled, danced a little and had a blast, then heading up to my old work to see who was still there, and pretty much everyone was, so I chatted with them all for about an hour before finally getting to sleep after being awake for 32 hours not counting just the 45 minute nap, and then I must of had something to drink that I woke up just 4 hours later feeling so freshed and pure.

... so that takes me to day 2 where I headed up to Scranton (tad bit smaller than Tucson for comparsion for AZ peeps) for the Warped Tour cause I'll be gone when the one in Philly comes. Keep in mind this is in the middle of PA hours from NYC/Philly and any other major city and this place was so crowded I was so AMAZED. Way more people than Phoenix, and just packed everywhere which the way I like it anyways. The crowd though was not as crazy though, at least for the bands I saw, with the exception of the last band of the night which I'll get to. First off with a long walk to the Toyota Pavillion which is like in the middle of a forest, it was such a great scenery all around. We get in and Killswitch Engage was playing as I walked over to the band schedule board and noticing blessthefall was already playing at 12:45 which was already 12:40. I had no idea where the other stages were and I never seen such distance to the other stages, so I went one way to a stage which was the wrong one and ended up backtracking, and then a ran to another direction that kept going and going and finally finding it. Blessthefall was amazing, but the crowd was very lame. After that I went all the way back to the schedule board to write down all the bands I wanted to see. I saw a lot of different bands this time than the one in Phoenix, so after blessthefall I saw Alesana, Escape the Fate, New Found Glory, Chiodos, Paramore, Throwdown, Hawthorne Heights, Bad Religion, Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, It Dies Today, and the best show, crowd, and fun was for last, UNDEROATH!!!!!!.. I was so glad to see them since they did not play in Phoenix. I guess since the crowd was lame all day, they saved all their energy for this, and the sound was amazing, the pit was really hardcore as well the only time I rocked in it. Blew me away just as much as blessthefall did in Phoenix as they were pretty much the last band of night. WOW. Why are girls so much easier to talk to here?!.. At one point the a group of girls just came up to me and ask the start tossing them up to crowd surf. During Coohed and Cambria which was SO boring, and from that point on it was a major throw everything in the air at people fest, bottles, cds, trash, condoms, everything, then it got so crazy they were throwing boxes, trash bags and other odd stuff. It was fun to watch.

So day three after finally getting a good 7 hours of sleep, we drove off to Dorney Park as I never got a chance to go there when I lived here. Most of the time was spent in the waterpark and as a continuous of sunburn from the day before. About 7pm we were gonna go on more coasters, but a storm was brewing this way and they shut all the rides down, so we left, got Baja Fresh and thats the day.

Ach!. Vacation to do East.

So who's all still alive out there in PA/NJ/NY and all other surrounding areas... cause I wil be there from July 25th with a trek to good ol club Shampoo to the following week and a venture to Six Flags on Thursday the 26th. Friday and Saturday are still up in the air, before I take a 3 day vacation to Cedar Point/Ohio with some other friends.

Shout me back!


I keep forgetting about this place. There's always something exciting going on. I have been having way too much fun. But that's where I go to Myspace for to bost blogs no one reads cause they think myspace is more difficult, and they don't understand the bulitens are for keeping up to date on whats going on for the day, or unless you are just too addicted and post nonsense stuff every hour... so my somewhat point is people should read them goddam bulitens!!!
Anyways, I had a killer Halloween. Partied hard. I wasn't gonna dress up, but at the last minute I decided to be a bloody shot up guy (bullet holes.

Tonight I am going to Norma Jean! Anyone one else up for that or a night of fun after the show at a club?!?

music from the past.

What a memory came through again!. The other day at the Terrorfakt show I bought the Feindflug and Hocico dvds and my god they brought back the best memories I had! Feindflug of course being still the best show I ever been when I saw them for the only one time in Germany back in 2003! And of course Hocico always puts on a fantastic energetic show. Also the Terrorfakt show here was actually was loud and rocking and crowd was crazy!!! It was quite fun!

Rock n roll girls.

Yesterday was fun, I had a double booker, first I went to see my friends Minus Blindfold (hardcore rock metal) play an early set at Martini Ranch, and when I had left there was so many people there that I had to come back after I went over to gameworks to hang out with Brian who was celebrating his birthday there. I didnt play too much, I had some fun though, chatted, and drank n eat. Then back to Martini Ranch and that place was packed, so many rock n roll chicks that I just was too amazed, not to mention a couple topless girls, and some cool friends there as well. If I ever had nothing to do, and usually I get Thursday nights off every week, I am so there, finally found a good club to hang at thats all rock n rolL! My place to find a woman.

..and another double booker to tonight as I guess I am gonna see Nitzer Ebb just to see old friends cause really I don't think the show would be a great vibe of music, and then Tondra is having a bday party afterwards.

Iron Mike Zambidis

My god this guy gotta be the most scariest fighter ever. Amazing, and top of that the music is so amazing to go along with it. CHECK IT!
I wanna see a Mike Tyson v Mike Zambidis


Holy shit I dreamt about Forbidden aka Christine Dolce! Wow, it was incredible, I woke up and instantly had to remember this, she's totally been my favourite celebrity at the moment and I have never been eager to buy a Playboy magazine til now as she is in it!

Last night my only day off in a 4 week stretch I went to Margarita Rocks and it was just as a good of a vibe as it had been. Maybe it was just cause it was Thursday, or maybe cause I only had 3 drinks, but my friend Brian tagged along and we tried to have the best of it watching people dance.



Yo my LA friends. Yes I am come visiting Sept 8th-10th. Going to this crazy show, Septmeber 08 Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre - DRAGONFORCE, ALL THAT REMAINS, HORSE THE BAND. Might also kick it for Perversion and Das Bunker for old times sakes, Thursday and Friday nights. Anyone up for this?!

Just get a better life.

what is up with Myspace getting so hacked into lately!? If I am posting strange odd bullitens, DO NOT GO TO THE SITE. Seems like someone is currently using my myspace page cause it says I am on but I am not and I can't get into it. SHITHEADS.

YAY, a trip to CA for September 08-11th weekend is PLANNED!